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Real stories of people affected by climate change and dirty energy, and community energy projects

Australia: Reclaiming power for the people

David Kerin


"We are facing two interrelated crises; growing inequality and climate change. In the face of these threats, inaction from governments and business-as-usual, we are organising a creative response that works across social divides and consciously ties together the struggles for environmental, social and economic justice."

Austria: Protecting the glaciers

Helmut Matzka

Zirl bei Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria

"The glaciers are the real witnesses of climate change for me. These age-old natural wonders show climate change in a dramatic way. If the permafrost thaws, rocks will lose their grip and mountaineering will become unsafe. A livable coexistence on this planet is possible. We must opt now for climate protection."

Bosnia and Herzegovina: One year after the floods

Amila Omersoftić

Maglaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"What I experienced one year ago has left serious consequences for me and my family, consequences, which I try not to show, but which I can not escape"

Brazil: The impact of financialization of nature on indigenous communities and territories

Ninawa Huni Kuin

Huni Kuin community, Acre, Brazil

"They call it a Plan of Life, but we know it is a REDD project; they have changed the name to deceive communities."

Dominican Republic: No to coal power plants. Yes to life, employment and environment.

Massiel Figuereo

Dominican Republic

"Getting energy from coal at the expense of the health of people and environment is not a solution for Dominican people or workers."

England: Keeping Lancashire Frack Free

Barbara Richardson and Ian Roberts

Lancashire, England

"I am determined to fight fracking as I know what the risks are and the potential threat to my community."

Germany: a fighter against coal

Stephan Pütz

Immerath, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, qualified public administration specialist

“Coal mining is not only completely superfluous, it’s homicidal! A modern industrialised society can only be a modern society if the whole economic, political and social model is sustainable. We have to become aware of climate change in all its diverse appearances and change things! I’m really mad about this: How can we tell people from Latin America or India how to fight climate change if even we as one of world’s richest nations are not doing it right?”

Indonesia: Fighting forest fires

Nego Tarigan


“…the fires in Indonesia from this year caused an equivalent of CO2 comparable to more than ten times the yearly fossil fuel emissions from the Netherlands… more than 500,000 people in Indonesia have sought treatment for respiratory problems and already 21 people have died, of which most are babies, since the fires began in September.”

Mozambique: Livelihoods lost as mining moves in

Community brick makers

Tete province, Mozambique

“We have no government in this country, we are all left alone, the sons of no one. This country has been sold to multinational companies. It is the companies who rule here.”

Norway: resisting oil in the Arctic

Bente Kristine Lorentzen

Lofoten Islands, Norway

“Lofoten is home to the world’s largest coldwater coral reef and marine mammals such as killer wales and sperm whales who feeds upon the squids and octopuses in the deep sea.”

Palestine: Renewable energy

Abeer Al Butmeh

Jordan Valley, Palestine

"In the Jordan Valley area there is no electricity, but electricity is necessary for people to live there. But we aim to help the families to stay on their land. 26 Solar units have been supplied to 26 families"

Peru: climate change causing droughts

Agripina Aguilar Mamani

(Right) from the Zepita Provincia Chucito, Puno, Peru

"There is no rain this season. My community is waiting for rain and we are very worried that without it, there will be problems for the entire upcoming year. We are experiencing a drought that will impact our health, economic situation, our planting season and affect our animals."

Scotland: Community Solar Cooperative

Pete Roche


"I have been campaigning against nuclear power since 1975, and worked as an anti-nuclear campaigner for Greenpeace for 13 years until 2004, but still work mostly on nuclear issues as an independent consultant. After working on some very depressing reports for Greenpeace after 9/11 about the impact of an airplane crash on Sellafield I decided I needed to spend some time each week working on something a bit more positive."

Spain: voices from the land and sea

Lola Alvárez, Jose Agustín Pérez and Javier Ballestero

Cordoba and Galicia, Spain

"It shows how the climate has changed: no rain, very high temperatures"

South Wales: Fighting opencast coal mines

Alyson Austin

Merthyr Tydfil, south Wales

“The dust from the mine soils people’s washing and coats every flat surface. Merthyr already has sky-high rates of lung disease.”